How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

All businesses need to expand their boundaries in this digital era, hence making more sales. While this is a crucial move, not all of them know where to start; that’s where your career as a digital services marketer needs to thrive.

As a digital marketer, you will meet business owners who have no clue what you are talking about and others who want to handle these roles alone but do not have the skills. These are the challenges you will face as you try to understand how to sell various digital services to different businesses.

Packaging yourself is the most critical aspect of selling your digital marketing services. How you convince the clients to accept your services will determine the number of clients you will get. This guide will help you learn better approaches to selling your digital marketing services.

Read on.


Understand the Needs of the Clients

Digital services do not have an overall package for business owners; hence every client is different with various needs. That is why you also need to be clear on what you offer for each client. In business, there are three categories of owners; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Usually, digital marketers provide services like;

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Mobile marketing

While it is essential to focus on something that you are best at rather than doing everything and fail to deliver, a marketer should understand that each business category requires different services. For instance:

Beginner: This is a client with a client base but lacks an online presence. Therefore this client needs to push the business beyond the usual clientele, location, and established opportunities. For an online presence of a beginner client, you need to expand your reach as a digital marketer. Luckily, even without the necessary infrastructure, this client is willing to invest in digital services.

Intermediate: The intermediate client already has an online presence, but it was a failure or no added revenue. This client already has a digital marketing system, but it is not working to their advantage. So, a digital marketer will need to step in and fix the broken system. You will need to look at the design and correct any mishaps and ensure it starts to work effectively.

Advanced: This client has a system in place which is working but not as fast as they would want. So, an advanced client is looking for speed. A cutting-edge client also has metrics to measure the pace in terms of their investments with ROI and ROAS. Such a client is not afraid to spend money as long as you offer a service that will ensure great returns for their investments. Remember that they will measure it, so you need to be effective.


Don’t Be an Ordinary Salesperson

Without a doubt, the sales of a digital marketer are what will determine their success. But how you go about making those sales is the main difference between a pro digital marketer and an ordinary one lacking competent skills. Besides, most businesses are tired of the traditional mass digital spam, desperate pitch, cold calling, and even selling services without understanding various client’s needs.

Even though making sales is a priority, it is not enough. A digital marketer should ensure they win trust, loyalty and build a healthy relationship beyond the buyer-seller mind-set.


Help, Don’t Sell

Because of the constant invasion of digital marketers selling unnecessary services to businesses, the owners are now building walls to hide and evade these marketers. They feel like digital marketers are attackers of their space from the same pitches that add value.

The best way would be to take your time and meet your clients face to face rather than spamming their mailbox. This will offer you the upper hand to show them that you are listening to their business and marketing needs. Better still, you will stand a better chance of building a lasting work relationship at every stage of their growth.


Ask Everything

As a digital marketer, it is your role to find out everything the client’s business is all about. The best way would be to ask all the questions and listen to their needs. This way, you will pinpoint what they want then pitch your services as solutions that suit their needs.

In asking them, you need to know if they have any experience with digital services and if they find anything tedious. Still, you should figure out why past digital services did not work out to their advantage.

In trying to ask all the questions and provide solutions, the client will feel comfortable investing in your services. This also shows your effort in trying to grow their business which is what they desire most.


Offer Value in Your Deal

This is the point for actions to speak louder than your words. Have great products that you can confidently show for great results without first asking for payments. For instance, you can send some leads to the client to show them what you can do.

Most businesses don’t mind spending money as long as you show them it is worth it. Therefore, instead of explaining the processes, work on generating new leads for potential clients. Show them how this will expand their market reach and offer a steady business flow. Ensure they believe that your digital marketing services will provide solutions that make their lives easier and less complicated.

Are you ready to meet new clients and offer your digital marketing solutions? Your services should make the client see the result of more traffic and more sales. It would be best if you provided promise in any service you settle with your client. Ensure that your client sleeps well, knowing that their investment in your solutions is worth every penny spent. The above tips should make it less challenging for you to sell digital services. Remember, business owners love what they do, so you should not change that but advance it.