The Most Useful Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not just sharing your product affiliate link on your website or social media channel and hoping someone will click and buy. It needs a lot of work and thinking to articulate your affiliate link with your post that adds value to your visitor. It gets unmanageable when you promote multiple products on various platforms. You can use the following tools for making your job easy –


Sign up for Affiliate Programs or use Affiliate Networks

The first thing for building your affiliate marketing success is to sign up for appropriate affiliate programs. You can do this individually. It will be an overhead later once you sign up for multiple such programs. Another way is to join Affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, etc. Affiliate networks allow you to partner with different companies in one place.


Build your website for Affiliate Marketing

You can start your affiliate marketing by YouTube, social-medial platforms, etc. These can help you build an audience and drive traffic to your affiliate product. People have made a lot of money from it, but it is best to get your website for affiliate marketing. It can be a simple blog site or a fully working business site. Many websites can help to make a fully functional website. Example: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.


Easy to Remember link generator tools

It is always helpful to increase your traffic by converting ugly and messy-looking long affiliate links to easy-to-remember links. You can do this with tools like PrettyLinks. WordPress has a plug-in for PrettyLinks. You will find it helpful while using email marketing for sending your affiliate product information with a link.


Social Media post automation tools

Most affiliate marketers use social media platforms for promoting their affiliate products. Example – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Every day you may be manually posting content multiple times on various platforms. This way, you will waste a lot of time and effort. Posting at the right time and consistently is the key here. You can use post-scheduling tools to ease this task. Examples of these tools are Hootsuite or Buffer.


Place your affiliate link at the right place using Heat map checker tools

There are various tools available to help you identify the area on your website page where visitors are clicking more. Crazy Egg is one of the heat-map tools and shows you a heat-map of your webpage where you are placing your affiliate ads. It increases the probability of getting them clicked and converted to a sale.


Grammar and plagiarism checker tools

You should check your post content for grammatical errors, tone, and duplication. Grammarly is such a great tool to help you achieve this.


Content Idea Generator tools

Content is an integral part of affiliate marketing which provides value to your customers and binds them with you.  Informative and attractive content helps visitors to take your affiliate link naturally. You may run out of ideas sometimes. In such situations, you can use content idea generator tools for quick help.

There are many such tools to ease your job and make you stand out. Keep exploring.